Make Your Horseback Riding Safe With Quality Equestrian Apparel

If you are going for a horseback ride, make sure you choose the perfect apparel that provides you adequate support and maximum comfort. Whether it's a casual riding, dressage or a show, the apparel should be made of good quality material.

Equestrian apparel is known for its classic style and distinct design. It is chosen differently for different occasions like event, hunting, dressage or just the casual riding. For dressage and events, quality-made apparel is suited well as it provides the rider a stylish look. For casual riding, you can wear casual shirts for riding but make sure you wear bright colors that allow visibility on the trail. If the weather is slightly chilled, you can choose to wear a vest that doesn't restrict the movement of your arms. Layering with a wool or fleece shirt and a jacket are must when the weather is cold. Choose a jacket which provides you great comfort and protection from the chilling wind. For more layering you can wear a winter riding coat. These are designed to give you maximum warmth in the frigid temperatures. Gussets of these coats spread over the saddle and provide you comfort and protection. You can also add winter riding gloves that make your horseback riding during winters more comfortable. You must have a coat with you that is water proof to keep you dry if it rains.

When shopping for equestrian apparel, choose your riding breeches carefully. Breeches are categorized in two styles: full seat breeches and knee patch breeches. Knee patch breeches incorporate leather patches covering the inner lower leg and knee which provides them extra grip and protection while riding. Full seat breeches provide the rider with greater contact when riding in the saddle. It is suitable to wear breeches with paddock boots and half chaps or they can be worn with tall boots. Winter breeches can be made of special material that has a fleece lining to keep you extra warm in the chilly weather.

To avoid getting blisters on your hands from continuously holding the bridle, you can wear a pair of riding gloves. Choose well fitted gloves that are made of durable materials and allow easy movement. Gloves are great for protecting your hands and absorbing moisture. Make sure that the helmet that you choose has been constructed specifically for horseback riding. Helmets manufactured for other sports do not provide required protection of the head in case of a fall from a horse. The harness of the helmet should be adjusted easily according to the size. A good air flow is required to wick away sweat while riding, so you must purchase helmets that have mesh covered vents. Helmets should be light in weight and made of impact resistant materials.

You must wear horseback riding boots because the sole of these boots is designed for this specific purpose. Horse riding boots are available in many styles, so choose the one that is comfortable, light in weight and suitable for riding. When purchasing boots, make sure they fit correctly in the stirrups with a little room on either side to prevent getting your foot stuck. Check whether the heels of the boots are low as high heels may tangle in the stirrup. During winters, keep your feet warm by wearing boots that incorporate heat insulating thermal insoles.

If you want to purchase horseback riding apparel, you can search the Internet and find information about various types of apparels and companies offering them. Choose good quality equestrian riding apparel to make your riding safe and comfortable.