How to Manage Your Beauty Salon

We live in the computer age and beauty and hair salons are no different from any other business in the respect of technology.

Many salons are owned and run by people who are primarily stylists. The reason they want a beauty salon business is because it's what they're good at. The 'dark' side of the business is the bookkeeping and payroll. Jobs that have to be done in any business, but not necessarily one of the most enjoyable parts of your busy day.

Salon Management Software is the answer to your prayers. An easy to use system that will easily take care of the bookkeeping side of your business. But that's not all, it has many more uses that will help make your business leaner and meaner. Hairdressing is a very competitive business and you want your salon to be better than the rest. The easier your day to day housekeeping and bookkeeping are, the more time you get to spend with your clients. That means that you can really find out what they want and need and of course, you can record it all using your salon management software. Your clients will be impressed that you know exactly what color they had last time or that you know they will be running out of shampoo soon so buy some more!

Used properly, the software can help you every step of the way. You can e mail or SMS your clients to remind them of their appointment next day, reducing 'no shows' that cost you money. You can book appointments easily and quickly, no more double bookings by an over keen junior. All your staff can be trained to use the software and those with more authority can be given greater access. You can keep stock control on your products which will automatically be adjusted every time you make a sale. You can keep your accounts and payroll all in one place, easier to hand over to your accountant at year end. You can generate reports like profit and loss so you always know if you're making money. It's a simple mouse click to balance the till every night.

The greatest advantage of using Salon Management Softwareis that it frees you up and gives you more time. In this busy world that has to be a good thing!